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Artificial Turf Maintenance in Tennessee and Throughout Southeastern US

Kormac offers premium quality artificial turf products plus custom services to local home-owners, schools, colleges, churches, community organizations, landscapers, and anyone needing help with a turf solution. Simple, and easy.

Keeping your lawn beautiful and green can be a struggle in Brentwood, Tennessee. Fortunately, artificial grass can help alleviate much of that struggle by lowering your monthly water bills by up to 60 percent as well as reducing the amount of maintenance required to keep a beautiful lawn. Since artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed or fertilized and there are no weeds to be concerned with, you can save plenty of time and money when it comes to yardwork. Even synthetic turf requires maintenance, however, and in Tennessee, nobody does turf maintenance like Kormac. We are dedicated to providing all the answers to your lawn care questions so that you get a complete solution and can enjoy your lush, beautiful lawn without stressing about upkeep.

Products & Installation

Using the right artificial turf for your sports field, lawn, putting green, or pet run will make a noticeable difference in the performance and longevity of your grass. The professionals at Kormac will help you every step of the way.

Turf Maintenance

If you’re looking to make the most of your artificial turf, get the proper maintenance from Kormac. Throughout Tennessee and the southeastern United States, we are the leading provider of sports turf and field maintenance services

Why Choose Us?

This service even includes a 3-step safety evaluation:



GMAX/HIC Testing is ASTM Governed and provides owners with a set guideline for safety. This test measures the amount of force the turf absorbs, ensuring that it is safe and helping to identify any areas that may need repair.



A 20-Point Safety Inspection helps to ensure there are no tripping hazards, torn seams or inlays, defects, or other abnormalities through a physical and visual evaluation of your turf.



Our 45-Point Infill Check determines the depth of the infill across your turf to make sure the amount is correct. This is important, as infill protects the turf fibers and keeps them standing upright.

With more than 20 years of experience in sports field construction, Kormac is your one-stop solution for all things turf. If you’re tired of fighting with your lawn to keep it healthy and green, we have the answer for you.

Call the turf maintenance experts at (615) 258-5591 or contact us online today and let’s build the perfect landscape together!